Google Jamboard

Do you like writing on a board in school?

Wouldn’t it be fun if you can share a board with a friend with whom you are collaborating with on a project or collaborate with your parents on your vacation plans?

Your parents and you can write on a physical board that’s at home, but how will you collaborate and share a board with your friend who lives elsewhere? A digital board to the rescue! Try Google’s Jamboard. It's a special board where you can draw, write, and create fun things. But here's the amazing part this board isn't just in your room. It's also in a super special place far away, where lots of other kids have their own Jamboards.

This special place is called the 'cloud.' Now, think of the cloud as a big, invisible storage room where your Jamboard drawings are kept safe. When you draw something on your Jamboard, it gets sent to this cloud storage room instantly. This way, you can access your drawings not just from your own house, but also from your friend's house, school, or even a park – as long as you have your password (your account). Let’s say that your friend and you have Jamboards and you want to draw a picture together. You can both work on the drawing at the same time, even if you're in different places! If you get a new Jamboard or even use a different device, you can still see your drawings because they're stored in the cloud. So, cloud computing is like having a special magic room where your drawings and other stuff can be kept safe and shared with your friends, no matter where you are.

Just remember, when you use Google Jamboard, you're using cloud computing to make your creativity fly across the sky and be with you everywhere!

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